Eco-Pulldown Option Saves Fuel

Eco-Pulldown technology takes advantage of the efficient design of the Precedent refrigeration system. This option, which can be
enabled or disabled through guarded access, allows the unit to operate in low speed during initial pulldown until the temperature
in any one zone inside the trailer reaches 30 degrees F. At this point, it automatically switches the unit to high speed operation.
Operating the unit in low speed pulldown can save up to 15% fuel during the initial pulldown without significantly increasing the
overall unit run time.

Eco-Pulldown is active only during the initial pulldown of the unit. While traditional multi-temp units are running at high speed
during pre-cool or while being staged for loading, the Precedent unit will be operating in low speed, consuming significantly
less fuel. At high box temps, the difference between high speed and low speed capacity is minimal, but the fuel consumption
is significantly less in low speed. For set points below 30 degrees F, the advanced technology of the SR-4 controller will
automatically switch the unit to high speed operation once any one zone reaches 30 degrees F, providing additional capacity
to reach the lower set point. For set points above 30 degrees F, the unit will operate in Eco-Pulldown mode until set point is
achieved, possibly never operating in high speed mode.


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