#Why Know About R-452A?

Thermo King’s commitment to sustainability is a foundational component to our winning strategy, and it extends to the environmental and social impacts of our products, services, operations, and people. We have pledged to lead the industry in delivering change that is impactful, and supportive of our customers’ sustainability commitments while safeguarding their operations by staying ahead of industry regulations. Transitioning our products to a refrigerant with a lower global warming potential (GWP) further demonstrates this commitment.

With that, we are pleased to share that Thermo King has transitioned from an R404A refrigerant to R452A starting with our Single and Multi-Temp Precedent trailer refrigeration units (TRU). Thermo King’s truck units will follow with the new refrigerant later in the year 2022. This changeover not only positions us as the first in the market to make R452A standard on all our trailer units in North America, but also comes one full year earlier then the California Air Resources Board’s requirement that TRUs operate with a refrigerant that has a GWP of 2200 or less. Our transition to R452A will reduce the GWP of our TRUs by nearly 50 percent.

Quick Facts on R452A:
• Class A refrigerant, non-flammable
• No compromise on end user safety
• No compromise on equipment lifetime
• No compromise on cargo load safety

R452A Performance Results
There are no changes to the refrigerant oil and system internal components between units operating on R404A and units operating on R452A. Operating pressures, and efficiency are similar. TXV super heat setting is different between R404 and R452A. TXV replacement is required if a unit is converted from R404A to R452A.
Refrigerant recovery and system evacuation and re‐charge must be done according to the standard Thermo King recommended procedures. Like any other refrigerant R452A cannot be mixed with R404A or other refrigerant, therefore, to avoid cross contamination of recovered refrigerant it is vital that recovery systems including recovery pump and gauge manifolds and related hoses are purged completely prior to being used on any other refrigerant type.

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