How to Understand Thermo King Alarms

Thermo King unit alarms are easy to spot and understand.  If alarms are present, the ALARM ICON will show up on the controller and an indication will be present on the status light. Some Thermo King units will indicate the type of alarm, and some require you to check a code sheet for information, which can be found on our website.

Do a simple Thermo King PRETRIP TEST.  From the display, press the MENU KEY, and then press the UP or DOWN KEY to start a PRETRIP TEST.  If the unit is not running, a full pretrip will be initiated, which will take approximately 20 minutes. If the unit is running, a running pretrip will be performed. When all pretrip tests are complete, the results are reported as PASS, CHECK, or FAIL.  If the result is CHECK or FAIL, the unit will report the accompanying alarm codes to direct a technician to the cause of the problem.

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The Michigan Public Transit Association is a non-profit statewide association incorporated in 1977 under Section 501(c)6 of the Internal Revenue Code. First organized in 1974, the membership ranges from the largest urban public transit system providers in Michigan to a majority of the smaller rural demand-response systems. Geographically membership is distributed throughout the state, from southeast Michigan to the western-most point of our Upper Peninsula.

The association offices have been located in East Lansing since October, 1999. Close to Michigan State University and nearby the State Capitol. Much of MPTA advocacy involves working closely with Michigan’s Executive and Legislative branches and the Michigan Department of Transportation. They are also an advocate for our members on issues dealing with the federal branch of government.

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