Best Battery APU is a Tripac!

Best for Drivers, Best Savings from reduced idling, Best Spec Help

Comfort –  Nearly double (2X) runtime of other battery APU’s.
Satisfaction –  Help with layover time and parking issues.
Fuel Cost reduced
DPF maintenance costs reduced
Nearly maintenance free. No fluids to change. No belts to tighten or replace.

How do I know if a battery APU makes more sense than an engine APU?

If you’re answer is “YES,” to these (4) questions, Tripac Envidia will make sense for you:
– I get  7 hours of drive time per day.
– I do my 34 Hour Reset at home.
– I’m not predominantly in extremely hot climates.
– I use microwave, refrigerator, & electronics moderately.

The Envidia Introduction

Why worry about the uncertainty of your vendor no longer being  there?  Why accept the frustration caused by vendors without bona-fide service locations, parts, manuals or a proper warranty process. Why aggravate your drivers and your people that support them with a product that doesn’t perform the way it is supposed to. Thermo King delivers industry-leading runtime, but also the cooling performance to keep your drivers comfortable nearly anywhere, anytime.  And world-class service wherever you go.

Call us for help with specifications, or for an immediate install. Come see us in Louisville at Mid-America Truck Show!