Transport Temperature Control that is Unmatched

Posted on February 16, 2016

Having taken a decision to invest and grow in this area, HWE used a comprehensive approach, and they looked deeply at all levels of detail:

  • Good temperature control and load protection: No sacrifice would be made in this area.  Which unit performs the best?
  • Core Technology of the unit: Updating of decades old technology did not impress.  Which unit had the most intelligent design?
  • Complementary Technology: Programmability with Optiset, and monitoring with Door Switches, Cargo Sensors & Telematics was important.  Who had the best system?
  • Dealer network and national support: Simply put, who had the best support?
  • Professional staff and support of product during sale and after. Who did the best job?

Considering the above factors, HWE decided to go 100% with Thermo King Michigan over all others in the marketplace.