Upset about idling damaging your engine & DPF?

Posted on October 28, 2019

APU Benefits:  Positive Impact on Tractor

  • Idle reduction REDUCES engine maintenance
  • Low load idling fills the DPF resulting in more frequent regenerations, which results in more frequent professional servicing of the DPF
  • Reduced engine hours INCREASES resale value of tractor

Reducing Downtime

  • Unscheduled DPF maintenance = lost time, lost revenue, unplanned costs
  • Increased truck idle time leads to premature DPF clogging. Additional DPF cleaning $850 – $1500
  • The results are more active regenerations. Active regenerations require more fuel $$$ and increased truck maintenance including dosing valves and NOx sensor failures. Ultimately additional Cost!

Idling Myths: How Much is Enough?
Source:  Cummins, Western Canada

  1. It’s the most inefficient mode – emissions
  2. Fuel contamination of lube oil is high at idle
  3. Cylinder wall wear is accelerated by “wash down”
  4. Short term idling actually “over cools” the engine
  5. Engine life can be reduced by up to 20%
  6. 500 hrs of idling = 64,000 miles of wear
  7. Noise emissions