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#Resources to help with bus air conditioning in Michigan

Posted on June 22, 2018

Lack of service support, discontinued products, and poor system specs that don’t last buses in-service lives are the top three reasons our customers are unhappy with their current systems.

We will eliminate all of these issues for you.  We are located in both the Grand Rapids and Detroit market areas, with 12 mobile trucks and 26 professional technicians.  You can count on Thermo King quality,  performance,  and longevity because Thermo King is the leading brand globally and can be trusted to build the right products and  to support  them over the long run.  We will get your specs right based on your specific needs including your expected in-service life cycle and the environment  your buses operate in.

Thermo King does the basics with support incredibly well.  That means not only that we are here in Michigan with you to help you, but also that a complete set of documents is available for you.  Operators quick reference guides.  Maintenance manuals.  Parts manuals.  And Diagnostic and training manuals.

Thermo King also offers the latest with emerging technologies including all-electric models, solar panel and power management options, and new earth-friendly refrigerants to reduce global warming impact.

Contact us anytime for service, parts, or sales help at    Find us on M.S.B.O. (Michigan Schools Business Officials).  We are members of the Michigan Association for Pupil Transport and the Michigan Public Transit Association.  We have good working relationships with all of Michigan’s bus dealers, and have experience with installations on International™,  Bluebird™,  Thomas™, and most transit bodies in the 14’ to 40’ range.

Come see us at this seasons bus industry events, including:

Michigan Public Transit Association

  • June 18-20 at the Ralph A. MacMullan Conference Center in Roscommon
  • August 22-24 at Crystal Mountain in Thompsonville

Michigan Association for Pupil Transport

  • June 25-28 at Crystal Mountain in Thompsonville


  • October 2-3 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis

Proven Bus Air Conditioning /Fuel Fired Heaters for your Gasoline-fueled Bus?

Posted on April 20, 2018

Thermo King Michigan has bus hvac and fuel fired heaters for your gasoline-fueled buses. Thermo King Michigan is the only OEM bus hvac source located here in Michigan with you. Let us help you reduce your costs, and get excellent temperature control performance for your passengers.

Contact us to eliminate tractor idling

Posted on January 15, 2018

Thermo King Michigan has many effective ways to eliminate your tractor idling. Engine based or battery based APU’s, fuel fired heaters, or a better way to approach your maintenance.

Contact us for a customized solution for your fleet:

Tractor Idling solutions webpage
Tractor Idling solutions contact:
616-878-4900 Option 3 (Sales)

For Maintenance support contact our Service department:
616-878-4900 Option 2 (Service)

You Can Prevent Fuel Contamination!

Posted on September 5, 2017

Thermo King fuel systems are relatively trouble-free and if properly maintained will usually not require major service repairs.

  • Drain the water off after the fuel tank and unit have remained idle for an hour.
    • Place a container under the fuel tank to catch the draining water and fuel.
    • Remove the drain plug from the bottom of the fuel tank.
    • Drain till no water is visible.
      • *if water and fuel do not drain freely, the vent may be plugged, requiring cleaning/replacement.
  • Change the fuel filter/water separator, inspect/clean the fuel pre-strainer, and clean the inlet strainer on the inlet side of the fuel transfer pump.