#Thermo King to launch pharmaceutical transport and storage solutions

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Thermo King announced the launch of its Cold Storage Solutions unit intended to meet the unique requirements of global pharmaceutical companies developing COVID-19 vaccines.

Those firms in final-stage clinical trials anticipate they will require strict temperature controls to safeguard their products, down to temperatures as low as minus 70 degrees Celsius. Thermo King’s solutions can enable these companies and their distributors to ensure the efficacy of their products through the entire cold chain, from air transport to marine, rail, trailer, last-mile delivery and at storage points along the way, according to the Swords, Ireland-based company.

“Considering the urgent, global need for a COVID-19 vaccine, the world can’t afford breaks in the cold chain,” Dave Regnery, president of parent company Trane Technologies, said in a release.

Besides launching Cold Storage Solutions, the company noted it has helped customers identify ways to maximize the range of dry ice, which often is used in vaccine transport and storage but has certain limitations. A container using dry ice to keep a product frozen may require re-icing if it sits for an extended length of time or is exposed to extreme ambient weather. — Transport Topics

Upset about idling damaging your engine & DPF?

APU Benefits:  Positive Impact on Tractor

  • Idle reduction REDUCES engine maintenance
  • Low load idling fills the DPF resulting in more frequent regenerations, which results in more frequent professional servicing of the DPF
  • Reduced engine hours INCREASES resale value of tractor

Reducing Downtime

  • Unscheduled DPF maintenance = lost time, lost revenue, unplanned costs
  • Increased truck idle time leads to premature DPF clogging. Additional DPF cleaning $850 – $1500
  • The results are more active regenerations. Active regenerations require more fuel $$$ and increased truck maintenance including dosing valves and NOx sensor failures. Ultimately additional Cost!

Idling Myths: How Much is Enough?
Source:  Cummins, Western Canada

  1. It’s the most inefficient mode – emissions
  2. Fuel contamination of lube oil is high at idle
  3. Cylinder wall wear is accelerated by “wash down”
  4. Short term idling actually “over cools” the engine
  5. Engine life can be reduced by up to 20%
  6. 500 hrs of idling = 64,000 miles of wear
  7. Noise emissions

#Resources to help with bus air conditioning in Michigan

Lack of service support, discontinued products, and poor system specs that don’t last buses in-service lives are the top three reasons our customers are unhappy with their current systems.

We will eliminate all of these issues for you.  We are located in both the Grand Rapids and Detroit market areas, with 12 mobile trucks and 26 professional technicians.  You can count on Thermo King quality,  performance,  and longevity because Thermo King is the leading brand globally and can be trusted to build the right products and  to support  them over the long run.  We will get your specs right based on your specific needs including your expected in-service life cycle and the environment  your buses operate in.

Thermo King does the basics with support incredibly well.  That means not only that we are here in Michigan with you to help you, but also that a complete set of documents is available for you.  Operators quick reference guides.  Maintenance manuals.  Parts manuals.  And Diagnostic and training manuals.

Thermo King also offers the latest with emerging technologies including all-electric models, solar panel and power management options, and new earth-friendly refrigerants to reduce global warming impact.

Contact us anytime for service, parts, or sales help at www.thermokingmichigan.com.    Find us on M.S.B.O. (Michigan Schools Business Officials).  We are members of the Michigan Association for Pupil Transport and the Michigan Public Transit Association.  We have good working relationships with all of Michigan’s bus dealers, and have experience with installations on International™,  Bluebird™,  Thomas™, and most transit bodies in the 14’ to 40’ range.

Come see us at this seasons bus industry events, including:

Michigan Public Transit Association

  • June 17-19 at the Ralph A. MacMullan Conference Center in Roscommon
  • August 21-23 at Crystal Mountain in Thompsonville

Michigan Association for Pupil Transport

  • June 25-26 at Crystal Mountain in Thompsonville


  • September 24-25 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis

Best Battery APU is a Tripac!

Best for Drivers, Best Savings from reduced idling, Best Spec Help

Comfort –  Nearly double (2X) runtime of other battery APU’s.
Satisfaction –  Help with layover time and parking issues.
Fuel Cost reduced
DPF maintenance costs reduced
Nearly maintenance free. No fluids to change. No belts to tighten or replace.

How do I know if a battery APU makes more sense than an engine APU?

If you’re answer is “YES,” to these (4) questions, Tripac Envidia will make sense for you:
– I get  7 hours of drive time per day.
– I do my 34 Hour Reset at home.
– I’m not predominantly in extremely hot climates.
– I use microwave, refrigerator, & electronics moderately.

The Envidia Introduction

Why worry about the uncertainty of your vendor no longer being  there?  Why accept the frustration caused by vendors without bona-fide service locations, parts, manuals or a proper warranty process. Why aggravate your drivers and your people that support them with a product that doesn’t perform the way it is supposed to. Thermo King delivers industry-leading runtime, but also the cooling performance to keep your drivers comfortable nearly anywhere, anytime.  And world-class service wherever you go.

Call us for help with specifications, or for an immediate install. Come see us in Louisville at Mid-America Truck Show!


Temperature Monitoring Begins with the Basics






#Essentials for Transport Temperature Monitoring and Verifying.

Transport Temperature monitoring, and specifically — your ability to verify the temperature inside your trailer or truck body during transport — is not a new topic.  It is a normal part of discussions about both unit specifications and maintenance.   The final compliance date of the implementation of F.S.M.A. (Food Safety Modernization Act) in April of 2018 for shippers and carriers has not lessened the importance any of us are putting on this, although this kind of regulation is also not new in the U.S. (see footnote below).


#Things your telematics vendor doesn’t tell you:

Sensors that are used for transport temperature monitoring—reliable, low cost components with no recurring costs—are at the beginning of the process.  Thermo King units have two main categories of these air temperature sensors which we describe as either Service Watch or Cargo Watch sensors.

  • Service Watch sensors include Discharge Air and Return Air Sensors, and can include Spare Sensors. These monitor air temps that come into and back out of Thermo King units.
  • Cargo Watch sensors get mounted in trailers and truck bodies. These monitor actual air temperatures of the locations where they are mounted.  Data from both Service Watch and Cargo Watch sensors gets logged and stored in your unit’s microprocessor, along with other data being monitored about the machine.

As long as your unit’s clock is set correctly and kept updated with your service program, you have the ability to monitor and verify temperatures—using just these basics.


#Anatomy of Accessing and Using data.

Transport temperature monitoring sensors capture the data.  The two common ways to access and use your temperature data are via downloads and via telematics systems.

  • Download data via USB port (or cable for units before 2011), and use Wintrac software to analyze, display, and manage your data—and have no recurring subscription costs.
  • Use telematics and internet based applications for both automatic access and data management—which requires recurring subscription costs.


Thermo King’s industry leading Connected Solutions platform  offers you 3 telematics options:

  • Trac-King, the only O.E.M. sourced system.
  • 3rd Party Gateway, a value-added interface tool.
  • Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android device, using our free ap in your ap store.


#Where to find the origins of Transport Food Safety Regulations.

Federal regulation in the area of transport food safety in the U.S. is not a new topic.  Transport temperature sensors capture the information you need.  When did the legal/regulatory aspect of this become so important?  Although F.S.M.A. implementation occurred in April of 2018, we’ve had a long track record in the U.S. with this:  It follows the Sanitary Food Transportation Act by the F.D.A.  in 2005;  the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act in 2002;  the Pure Food and Drug Act in 1906 where the F.D.A. was involved in safeguard and prevention with the transport of unsanitary meat.

Contact us to eliminate tractor idling

Thermo King Michigan has many effective ways to eliminate your tractor idling. Engine based or battery based APU’s, fuel fired heaters, or a better way to approach your maintenance.

Contact us for a customized solution for your fleet:

Tractor Idling solutions webpage
Tractor Idling solutions contact:
616-878-4900 Option 3 (Sales)

For Maintenance support contact our Service department:
616-878-4900 Option 2 (Service)

You Can Prevent Fuel Contamination!

Thermo King fuel systems are relatively trouble-free and if properly maintained will usually not require major service repairs.

  • Drain the water off after the fuel tank and unit have remained idle for an hour.
    • Place a container under the fuel tank to catch the draining water and fuel.
    • Remove the drain plug from the bottom of the fuel tank.
    • Drain till no water is visible.
      • *if water and fuel do not drain freely, the vent may be plugged, requiring cleaning/replacement.
  • Change the fuel filter/water separator, inspect/clean the fuel pre-strainer, and clean the inlet strainer on the inlet side of the fuel transfer pump.

How to Understand Thermo King Alarms

Thermo King unit alarms are easy to spot and understand.  If alarms are present, the ALARM ICON will show up on the controller and an indication will be present on the status light. Some Thermo King units will indicate the type of alarm, and some require you to check a code sheet for information, which can be found on our website.

Do a simple Thermo King PRETRIP TEST.  From the display, press the MENU KEY, and then press the UP or DOWN KEY to start a PRETRIP TEST.  If the unit is not running, a full pretrip will be initiated, which will take approximately 20 minutes. If the unit is running, a running pretrip will be performed. When all pretrip tests are complete, the results are reported as PASS, CHECK, or FAIL.  If the result is CHECK or FAIL, the unit will report the accompanying alarm codes to direct a technician to the cause of the problem.


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About the Michigan Public Transit Association

The Michigan Public Transit Association is a non-profit statewide association incorporated in 1977 under Section 501(c)6 of the Internal Revenue Code. First organized in 1974, the membership ranges from the largest urban public transit system providers in Michigan to a majority of the smaller rural demand-response systems. Geographically membership is distributed throughout the state, from southeast Michigan to the western-most point of our Upper Peninsula.

The association offices have been located in East Lansing since October, 1999. Close to Michigan State University and nearby the State Capitol. Much of MPTA advocacy involves working closely with Michigan’s Executive and Legislative branches and the Michigan Department of Transportation. They are also an advocate for our members on issues dealing with the federal branch of government.

MPTA (Michigan Public Transit Association)
TVMS (Transit Vehicle Maintenance Seminar)
DNR RAM Center, Higgins Lake
June 19-21

2017 TVMS Program